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Hopefully this page will help you find out about new music schools that you can apply to. I looked for a list of conservatories that were affiliated with universities, but I was unable to find one. Maybe, you can benefit from my notes!

Just click on the links to the right or left to find out a little more to find out a little more. If it sounds good, just click through to visit the school. I hope to have about 25 schools when I am finished. Most of the links will take you to the music department admissions pages. A few of the links go to the music school main page, and you will have to hunt a little.

UCSB Department of Music UCSB has a small music department with some great assets. Yuval Yaron, heir to the Heifetz and Gingold tradition left Indiana University in Bloomington to instill a little more passion in West Coast violin students, and is doing an admirable job. I decided to attend UCSB because of the intimate size, the quality of the faculty, the location, and the reasonable price for California residents. I like sharing core classes with students who play a variety of instruments. In larger music schools, I might only see strings players. top

Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music
The Blair School of Music has something no other conservatory has -- Nashville! Known as the music city, Nashville features just about every kind of music imaginable: jazz for breakfast, country/western for lunch, and classical for a black-tie dinner! At Vanderbilt, the entire music program is undergraduate. Translation: You won't have to compete for ensemble placements with musicians who have already been there for five years. top

USC Thornton School of Music
USC is smack in the middle of Los Angeles -- an hour from the mountains, a half-hour from the beach. The USC Thornton strings department is run by none other than Midori Goto, an unbelievable artist, and an even bigger star at bringing excellent music to everyone, everywhere, no matter how remote they are from centers of artistry. Competition for admission is fierce. Violin students might study with Margaret Batjer, concertmaster of the L.A. Chamber Orchesta, Martin Chalifour, concertmaster of the L.A. Philharmonic, or Glenn Dicterow, former concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic for 3 decades. top

Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Oberlin is amazing. It's west of Cleveland below Lake Eire in Ohio. It has a tradition of inclusion which has enriched the school's culture. The area is greener than green on Google Earth - I guess it would be considered a semi-rural small town within a couple hour's driving distance of several major cities (in good weather). I have lumped it in with the universities because it has a well-regarded College of Arts and Sciences, although the misconception that it is just a stand-alone conservatory seems pervasive here on the west coast. Interesting fun fact: Oberlin has 231 Steinway Grand Pianos. top

The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University
The Peabody Institute is located in urban Baltimore, providing easy access to all sorts of cultural activities. While students are welcome to attend classes at the Homewood campus, which provides the traditional university experience, the Peabody curriculum is self-contained -- all majors study the same performance-based core. The director of admissions has put together some blurbs that are very helpful for students who aren't quite sure about where they fit in the music school big picture. top

Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University
Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, Bloomington is the home of Joshua Bell. I have seen him twice and he's very impressive. What initially drove my interest in Jacobs was that he studied both physics and music. It really brought up the question - would a small standalone conservatory really meet my need to have a college experience complete with football games and dorms with kids from all over with different majors. That is the question which inspired creation of this page! top

Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University
Northwestern's Bienen School of Music top

University of Michigan
Big Blue has a well known and a highly respected music program with several options in strings including a BMA and a BM in performance that can be tailored to those who want to earn a teaching certificate. I think one of the best things about Michigan is that Danielle Belen was appointed associate professor of violin last summer (2014). I've worked with Danielle at Camp Luzerne in New York, and she is tough, fair, and talented -- Everything you want in a teacher. top

University of Oregon (Eugene) School of Music and Dance

Herb Alpert School of Music, UCLA
UCLA is located in the charming Westwood area of Los Angeles and is a multi-cultural center for the city. The Ethnomusicology department reflects the schools diversity. UCLA doesn't offer a Bachelor of Music, but they do offer a Bachelor of Arts in Music in Performance, Composition, and Musical Education. To be considered, students must meet all requirements for general admission to the university and music must be their first choice of major selected on the general UC application form. top

School of Music, Boston University
Boston University was the first degree-granting music school in the United States and is home of the famed Tanglewood Institute. Bachelor of Music students study Performance, Musicology, Music Education, or Compositiion and Theory. Boston is a very densely-packed college town, but the public transportation has gone from nightmarish to fantastic over the past 20 years. There is no place like Boston if you want to channel the synergy that sparks when some of the best universities in the world are found within walking distance, or at least withing a short bicycle or bus ride of each other. top
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